Straight-Talk Prevention Services

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I am delighted to bring Straight-Talk Prevention Services to everyone! This company was designed out of a need for better understanding of what challenges our Youth and Parents face today. I truly believe that as parents, we are aware that the environment our children are growing up in is uniquely different than our experiences, and often more challenging. Now that we are raising children, it is imperative to recognize these critical issues.

Straight-Talk creates specifically designed, interactive power point presentations and workshops that target youth issues and are offered at affordable rates. Straight-Talk promotes presentations that are age and language appropriate that will provide the most effective learning outcomes. Click on the related links to see what each dynamic presentation will cover, and how it can assist you in your life. With excellent guest speakers and up to date information that should be a necessity for every parent, and school. Watch for our *Lingo Link*, that is constantly being updated, where you can print off current internet language and acronyms our kids are using. 

We are continuing to see tragic events of youth related crimes unfold on what seems to be on a daily basis on the news. In hearing these events develop, it is often a small percentage of youth who have made extremely poor choices, which ultimately affects thousands of people. These stories are getting all too common. We as parents, and mentors for our youth have a responsibility to be informed, and as up to date as our children we guide each and every day. 

Stay informed! Contact us today to book a presentation, currently serving the Lower Mainland in British Columbia and now available across Canada!