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My name is Shandra Feenan and I have created Straight-Talk Prevention Services to be a resource of information for youth, parents, school administration, school liaison officers and youth workers within our communities. With issues that seem to be constantly changing, we need to utilize experts and guest speakers in these areas to stay current with today’s concerns.

I feel it is not enough to have parents navigate through all the information that is out there, but to have it properly delivered and explained to ensure a better understanding of the challenges our youth are facing today. The topics presented are, though not limited to Bullying, Internet Safety & Cyber-Bullying, and Mean Girls .

As a mother of three rapidly growing children, I believe there is a lack of education and information that is brought forth to parents, administrators and youth workers. I have spent the past 10 years in the emergency services field and resigned my position as a volunteer police officer to dedicate more time to educating families. During my career in these areas, I have recognized a strong need for a better understanding regarding these concerns from parents in our local communities. Bringing awareness of these rapidly changing issues is a passion of mine.
My objective for Straight-Talk Prevention Services is to make it a priority for information and education of youth related issues and to make it easily obtainable for all parents, youth and administrators .


 Safe Kids – Informed Parents